Planning for the Season

December 15, 2019

Planning is very important before you pack your suitcase and your sun hat. Before you go to Sri Lanka you must consider planning your tour according to the season

If you want to enjoy the beautiful place you must consider avoiding the rainy season.

Sri Lanka is nesting at the southern tip of India. Between the Bay of Bengal and the Laccadive Sea, is the tropical island of Sri Lanka. This country has been known for its white sand beach and tropical climate! This is where summer never ends. BUT you need to keep in mind that the best time to visit Sri Lanka would be different on each region. You must check the weather updates we had on another vlog to learn more.

So why is it very important to plan for the season? Since you will be new to Sri Lanka you must consider their weather and what to pack. You won’t be packing sweaters during summer days right? And of course the other way around. The time in this place was really SLOW! Since you will love it time will definitely go slow. Things get slow when you’re enjoying the place. 

You must consider planning over the season of your arrival, one thing is that there are a lot of ancient places that are full of history in this country, You might want to be able to enjoy them under the sun. The tropical beach shines the brightest, you don’t want to miss the beautiful mornings and sunsets! 

Pack only what you need. It’s fun to shop at the local markets and pack depending on the weather on that month! We all want that tan mark on our skin! Remember the wettest months and the dry months and remember to leave nothing but footprints.