Different Kinds of Weather in Sri Lanka

January 3, 2020

So before you pack your bags for a beach getaway with the sun shining bright and we all love those tan marks. Stop for a second and check the weather in the place you are to visit. Sri Lanka can always have place dry throughout the year. But risk it right? I don’t want your dream vacation ruin by storm or monsoon. Well lucky you!


Sri Lanka has weather patterns that can be your guidelines, though we can’t predict if it’s going to rain or not on the day of your visit. But you can consider going into these dry months for you to enjoy the sceneries and the beach, This country has a lot to offer not just the sceneries but also the culture, You can spend time outside your hotel talking to locals and eating great foods! This country is also armed with a lot of historic places that you can enjoy. Instagram worthy places and food. 


So let me give you guidelines on Sri Lanka’s weather pattern. It has two seasons- the wet and dry season. The coastal areas in general 28° C while the upland areas are around 19°C – 20°C. Best time to visit the southwestern region of Sri Lanka from December to April this has warm weather; however, do not visit in the month of May to September the Yala Monsoon brings heavy rains. Best time to visit the Northeast Region of Sri Lanka will be May to September, you can enjoy a balmy temperature of 30°C with little rain, on the other hand, the Maha monsoon affects this region on the months of October to January. The best time to visit Colombo is the largest city, usually hot weather wet and humid throughout the year. This city experiences heavy rainfalls during the months of April to May then another strike on the months of September to November. The highest temperature will be around 30°C and the lowest will be around 24°C. Lastly, the best time to visit Kandy and the central hill region, oh btw Kandy is the most famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka the temperature is around 23°-26°C quite cold, Just don’t go on the month October and November it rains so hard that you won’t enjoy the tourist spot. The best time to visit will be January to March the weather will not be cold or warm. Just right in the middle. 


This is the weather that you could expect in Sri Lanka. I hope you enjoy your visit! It’s always best to take some layers with you, If you are to visit the central island, mostly all year round its cold also keep a pair or rainwear on your luggage you can never be sure of the weather.