Must Try Foods in Sri Lanka

August 1, 2019

CURRY! CUURRRY! CURRY! This country wasn’t all just about curry! They have delicious delicacies too! Curry wasn’t just the curry we knew, but Sri Lanka will make curry on a different level. 


The first Dish is…

Fish Ambul Thiyal (Sour Fish Curry)

Fish Curries are one of the most usual dishes that you can find in Sri Lanka which is served with some rice and often accompanied by few side dishes. The curry is very flavorful you can taste the distinct flavor of turmeric, pandan leaves, and tamarind like fruit called goraka which gives you a kick of sourness.


Parippu (Dhal Curry) 

This is perfect for vegetarian staple is one of the most common curries you can find in Sri Lanka It’s cooked with the use of red lentils and boil and simmer with spices until soft. This curry is top with a splash of coconut milk! It best paired with roti or rice.


Wambu Moju (Candied Eggplant)

This is often served as a side dish with curries, This is being deep-fried in loads of oils, salt, sugar and soy sauce until it has been caramelized. The sweet and salty taste of it creates a wonderful taste with curries! The spiciness of curries and the sweet-salty takes of wambu will takes over your tastebuds!


Appa or Appam (Hoppers)

So you thought that it’s all about curries? Of course not! This food is something sweet and perfect deserts. If you taught you knew pancakes, well wait till you try this dish, this is quite similar to pancakes. It’s just that they cook the butter into a wok, they ladder and swirl it. Making it sweet and savory! Well, you can have it plain, if your not that in for an adventure or you can add an egg for a savory taste. But you know what comes perfect with it? Samba Sauce. But that not just it, since this country loves curries! They have a version of it with Curry! This is string hoppers made with much thicker rice flour, on which they can be squeezed into a noodle-like consistency, steam and serve with their all-time favorite curry!


Polos (Jackfruit Curry)

If you taught you tried it all, well this country can’t just get enough curryyyyy! They even have this delicacy, Jackfruit Curry! Yeap you heard it right they make curry out of jackfruit. I must say, I really don’t like vegetables or fruit, but  I think this is in between fruit and vegetable? , wasn’t really into curries, but this dish has been my turning point over curries, this I can eat everything on a regular basis like every day. They cooked the jackfruit until its tender of has a potato-like consistency, Mixed with various of spices and chilies, and voila! You already have Polos, Trust me on this one this is something you must really try on your journey